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Physical (childhood; adolescence): Affliction; Paulina; This Boy's Life;
Sexual (childhood; adolescence): Monster; Mystic River; The Sisters;
Abuse of women: Dance with a Stranger; Felicia's Journey; Monster; Paulina;

ADDICTION - see substance abuse

Adjustment problems
: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days; Bluebird; The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner; Manic; Marvin's Room; Mean Creek; Noi Albinoi; Paranoid Park; Rain; Rosetta; Thirteen; White Oleander;
Bereavement: Little Voice; Mister Foe;
Bluebird; Mean Creek;
: Avalon; Beyond Silence; Billy Elliot; Bluebird; Breaking Away; In the Navel of the Sea; Liberty Heights; Life As a House; Nowhere in Africa; Rain; Real Women Have Curves; Set Me Free; This Boy's Life; Whale Rider; West Beirut;
Conduct disorders & misc: Thumbsucker;
Coping with adversity and divorce : King of the Hill; The Squid and the Whale;
Disability (coping with): The Keys to the House;
Depression: Girl, Interrupted; Igby Goes Down; Manic; Marvin's Room; Ordinary People; Paranoid Park; Rollercoaster
Experience of teen life: King of the Hill; Rollercoaster;
Moral development, issues: Beyond Silence; The Clockmaker; Elephant; The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner; Mean Creek; Paranoid Park; Sweet Sixteen; The Winslow Boy;
Personality disorders:Girl, Interrupted; Good Will Hunting; Manic; Mean Creek;
Psychosis: The Butcher Boy;
: Another Country; Beautiful Thing; Mister Foe; Or (My Treasure); Wilby Wonderful; XXY
Substance abuse
: The Basketball Diaries; Drinking Apart; Thirteen
Violence: Bowling for Columbine; The Butcher Boy; The Clockmaker; Elephant;

Life crises, coping
: American Beauty; Campfire; In the Navel of the Sea; The King is Alive; Look Both Ways; Lost in Translation; A Map of the World; Monster's Ball; Open Hearts; Paulina; Personal Velocity; The Shipping News; Time Out;
Lifespan studies
:The "Up" Series;
Personality change & development: All the Real Girls; Campfire; Cold Fever; A House on a Hill; In the Navel of the Sea; Morvern Callar; No Direction Home - Bob Dylan; Nowhere in Africa; 101 Reykjavik; One True Thing; Paulina; Personal Velocity; Rain Man; The Shipping News; Walking and Talking;


Autonomy, aging in place: Autumn Spring; Children of Nature; In A Nutshell; Secondhand Lions; The Straight Story; Strangers in Good Company;
Character studies: Autumn Spring; Central Station; Empties; The Gleaners and I; A House on a Hill; I'm Going Home; In A Nutshell; Love and Death on Long Island; Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont; Nine Good Teeth; On Golden Pond; The Other Side of the Street; The Pledge; The Road Home; Schultze Gets the Blues; Since Otar Left; Stan Kann: The Happiest Man in the World; The Straight Story; Strangers in Good Company;
Coping with loss, stress, crisis: I'm Going Home; Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont; A Rather English Marriage; Since Otar Left; Strangers in Good Company; Tokyo Story; The Winter Guest
Family relations: Autumn Spring; Avalon; Empties; High Hopes; I Never Sang for My Father; L.I.E.; Nine Good Teeth; On Golden Pond; Pauline and Paulette; Saraband; The Savages; The Sea; Secondhand Lions; The Winter Guest
Frailty, Illness, Dysfunction: On Golden Pond; The Dresser; In A Nutshell; Strangers in Good Company;
Humorous stereotypes: Autumn Spring; Empties; Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont; Schultze Gets the Blues; Secondhand Lions
Nursing home life, assisted living: Assisted Living; The Gin Game;
Peer relations (friendship, love, support)...see also: sex, below: Autumn Spring; Autumn Sun; Children of Nature; The Gin Game; Innocence; The Other Side of the Street; The Personals; A Rather English Marriage; Secondhand Lions; Strangers in Good Company;
Purpose, vocation: Empties; In A Nutshell; The Other Side of the Street;
Reminiscence, Life Review : After Life; Children of Chabbanes; Eternity and a Day; Faithless; A House on a Hill; Innocence; Nine Good Teeth; The Road Home; Saraband; Strangers in Good Company;
Residential living, long term care: Children of Nature; The Gin Game; Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont;The Personals;
Retirement: About Schmidt; Empties; The Pledge; Schultze Gets the Blues; Spring Forward;
Self concept: Nine Good Teeth; The Other Side of the Street;
Sex: Man's Job
Substance abuse: Cleopatra (alcohol)

AIDS: Angels in America; Before Night Falls; Benjamin Smoke; Boys on the Side; Dream with the Fishes; The Hours; Trainspotting;

(see also substance abuse): Aberdeen; The Big Lebowski; Bird; Clean and Sober; Days of Wine and Roses; Drinking Apart; Happy Hour; Leaving Las Vegas; The Lost Weekend; The Morning After; My Name is Joe; Night of the Iguana; Once Were Warriors; Pollock; Rain; Rosetta; 'Round Midnight; 16 Years of Alcohol; Stroszek; 28 Days; White Oleander;  

ALZHEIMERS disease – see dementia

AMNESIA: The Blue Diner; Braindamadj'd...Take II; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; The Man Without a Past;  Memento; Nurse Betty; Regarding Henry; Unknown White Male;

s: High Anxiety;
: Fight Club (parody of self-help groups); Gothika; Happiness; House of Games;
Backlash: films critical of antipsychiatry groups: Bowfinger (parody of Scientology); Schizopolis (parody of Scientology);

Acute Stress
: Captain Newman, M.D.; The King is Alive; The Thin Red Line;
Agoraphobia: Buddy; Elling; Inside Out; Matchstick Men; Nobody's Child;
Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Matchstick Men;
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): As Good As It Gets; The Aviator; Back From Madness; The Caine Mutiny; David and Lisa;; Matchstick Men; Pi 
Panic Disorder: Buddy; Matchstick Men; Nobody's Child; The Sopranos;
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Affliction; Bringing Out the Dead; Brothers; Cold Light; Coming Home; The Deer Hunter; Fearless; Flags of Our Fathers; Grbavica; Jacob's Ladder; Keane; Mrs. Dalloway; Mystic River; Nobody's Child; Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa; Ordinary People; Peppermint Candy; The Prince of Tides; Red Road; The Secret Life of Words; Shake Hands With the Devil; The Soldier's Tale; The Sweet Hereafter; Taxi Driver;
Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia): Little Voice; Who Am I This Time?;


ATHLETES - see performance enhancement

Comedic portrayal:

AUTISM - see also developmental disabilities
Autism: Autism: The Musical;
Asperger's Syndrome
: The Devil and Daniel Johnston; My Nikifor;

BEREAVEMENT - see also adolescence, childhood
About Schmidt; All Winter Without Fire; Exotica; Faithless; Fearless; Humanité; I'm Going Home; In America; In the Bedroom; Keane; Look Both Ways; Love and Death on Long Island; Love Liza; Maborosi; The Mother; Moonlight Mile; Morvern Callar; Proof (2005);The Son’s Room; The Sweet Hereafter; Truly Madly Deeply; Under the Sand; The Winter Guest;

BISEXUAL ISSUES - see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues

CARE SYSTEMS - see mental health care systems

: Angels in America; The Hours;
Bereavement issues:
Proof (2005);
Coma, neurovegetative states: Talk to Her;
Dementia and: Away From Her; Iris; The Savages; A Song for Martin;
Depression: Off the Map;
Developmental disabilities: Best Boy; The Collector of Bedford Street; Pauline and Paulette; What's Eating Gilbert Grape?;
Obesity: What's Eating Gilbert Grape?;
Severely/persistently mentally ill and: A Beautiful Mind; Benny & Joon; Canvas; Out of the Shadow; Shine; Tarnation; You're Gonna Miss Me;

CELEBRITIES - see performance enhancement

CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY DISORDERS - See under neurobehavioral & neuropsychiatric disorders

Infancy, mother-infant bonding, intimacy: Little Man; The Nanny;
Bereavement: Ponette; See You in the Morning; A Summer by the River;
Coping with adversity, disability & divorce : Anna Luise and Anton; The Color of Paradise; M for Mother; Nobody Knows; See You in the MorningThe Squid and the Whale;
Crossdressing: Ma Vie en Rose
Experience: An Angel at My Table (Part I); Avalon; Blow; Central Station; Nowhere in Africa; A Summer by the River; Village of Dreams;

COCAINE & OTHER STIMULANT ABUSE (see also substance abuse): Aberdeen; Blow; Boogie Nights; Clean and Sober; Half Nelson; Jimmy & Judy; Requiem for a Dream; Sweet Nothing;

COMEDY (see also hospital psychiatry, psychotherapy)
Uses and limits of humor in stories about problems : Divided We Fall; Elling; Me, Myself and Irene;
The nature of comedy: Funny Bones; Happy,Texas; Little Voice;

COMMUNITY CARE, TRANSITION FROM HOSPITAL TO COMMUNITY : Angels of the Universe; Back From Madness; The Best of Youth; Elling; King of California; Life of Me, The; My Name is Walter Cross; Our House; Return of the Idiot; Spider; Stormy Weather; West 47th Street

COUNSELING – see psychotherapy

COUPLES THERAPY - see family (& couples) therapy

And developmental stage: No Direction Home - Bob Dylan;
And mental illness: The Devil and Daniel Johnston; In the Realms of the Unreal; Sylvia; You're Gonna Miss Me;
And personality: My Architect: A Son's Journey; Pollock;
Creative process: Swimming Pool;

CRIMINALITY - see social and legal issues

Drug-based: Jimmy & Judy
Chemical sensitivity-oriented: Safe
Combat vets: Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa;
Religious: Jonestown: Life and death of Peoples Temple;

CULTURAL ISSUES - see transcultural issues

DEATH & DYING (and near-death experiences): Angels in America; Assisted Living; The Ballad of Jack and Rose; The Barbarian Invasions; Benjamin Smoke; The Diary of a Country Priest; Eternity and a Day; Fearless; Life As a House; Look Both Ways; Magnolia; Marvin's Room; One True Thing; Pieces of April; Shower; Southern Comfort; Tuesdays with Morrie; Wit
Observing rites and rituals for the deceased: Cold Fever; The Road Home;

DEMENTIA (Alzheimers and related disorders):
Dementia: Away From Her; High Hopes; Iris; Marvin's Room; The Notebook; The Savages; A Song for Martin
Executive (frontal lobe) dysfunction: In A Nutshell;  

DEPRESSION – see mood disorders

Adolescents & children : What's Eating Gilbert Grape?Where's Molly?;
Adults: Best Boy; The Collector of Bedford Street; The Eighth Day (Down Syndrome); The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; Of Mice and Men; Our House; Pauline and Paulette; A Place Nearby (Autism); Rain Man (Autism); Sling Blade (Autism); Where's Molly?;
Compulsory sterilization of developmentally disabled: see social & legal issues
Sexual issues: Man's Job (Down Syndrome);

DISABILITIES (PHYSICAL) - see also neurobehavioral and neuropsychiatric problems
Coping: The Keys to the House; Rory O'Shea Was Here;
Misuse of disability to gain advantage: Rory O'Shea Was Here;
Psychosocial therapy: Art of Negative Thinking, The

DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS: Alice and Martin; Dancer in the Dark; Fearless; Life is to Whistle; The Machinist; Mysterious Skin; Nurse Betty; Spellbound (1945) 

DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER (Multiple Personality): The Three Faces of Eve; Voices from a Locked Room; With a Friend Like Harry;

DIVORCE, MARITAL SEPARATION - - see relationships/marriage/ partnerships, adolescence, childhood

DREAMS, DREAMING: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Eyes Wide Shut;

DRUG ABUSE - see alcohol abuse, cocaine & other stimulants, heroin and opiates, substance abuse
Ecstacy: Anniversary Party; Thirteen;
Methamphetamine: Jimmy & Judy
Prescription drugs: Postcards from the Edge;

Anorexia Nervosa & Bulemia Nervosa: Elephant; Girl, Interrupted ;
Pathological dieting: Requiem for a Dream
Severe obesity
: Heavy; Super Size Me; What's Eating Gilbert Grape?;
Weight loss in psychiatric illness: The Machinist;

Back From Madness;

ENTERTAINERS - see performance enhancement

ETHICAL ISSUES & MORAL BEHAVIOR (see also - adolescence, social issues):
Caregiver-patient transgressions (see also, psychotherapy, poor models): Good Will Hunting; House of Games; My Name is Joe; Open Hearts; Prime; Talk to Her;
Conundrums without clear answers: In Your Hands; Little Man; Paranoid Park; Prime; Sling Blade;
General-Negative examples: Das Experiment; Decalogue; Insomnia; Magnolia; Mr. Death;
General-Positive examples: Children of Chabbanes; The Color of Paradise; Decalogue; Divided We Fall; Edi; The Insider (whistleblower); Shake Hands With the Devil (moral military leader); Turtle Diary; What's Eating Gilbert Grape?; The Widow of St. Pierre;
Forgiveness, redemption, regret, change: After Life; American History X; The Clockmaker; Decalogue; The Eel; Eternity and a Day; In Your Hands; Magnolia;
Photojournalism, ethics of: The Bridge;

EUGENICS - see social and legal issues

For substance abuse: Drinking Apart;

FAMILY (see also - aging; childhood; relationships, marriage, partnerships)
Dynamics, intergenerational conflicts
(see also adolescence, aging): Aberdeen; American Beauty; Avalon; The Ballad of Jack and Rose; Boiler Room; Breaking Away; Buffalo 66; Character; The Clockmaker; Flesh and Bone; Home for the Holidays; Housekeeping; Human Resources; I Never Sang for My Father; Interiors; Junebug; Kinsey; Life As a House; Little Voice; Look at Me; Monster's Ball; The Mother; Now, Voyager; On Golden Pond; One True Thing; Or (My Treasure); Pieces of April; Proof (2005); Rain; The Royal Tenenbaums; The Safety of Objects; Saraband; The Savages; Saviour Square; The Sea; Secrets and Lies; Set Me Free; Shot in the Heart; Shower; Snow Angels; Tarnation; Thirteen Conversations About One Thing; Tokyo Story; Un Air de Famille (Family Resemblances); The Upside of Anger; Vera Drake; Wilby Wonderful; The Winslow Boy; The Winter Guest; YiYi; You Can Count On Me;
Celebrity families:The Ballad of Jack and Rose; My Architect: A Son's Journey; Postcards from the Edge; Tell Them Who You Are;
Impact of mental illness on: About a Boy; Benny and Joon; Best Boy; Canvas; High Hopes; King of California; Out of the Shadow; Respiro; The Soldier's Tale; What's Eating Gilbert Grape?; A Woman Under the Influence 
Impact of stress, loss, disability and physical illness on: Brothers; Capturing the Friedmans; Daybreak; Fearless; In America; The Keys to the House; Marvin's Room; Open Hearts; Ordinary People; Paranoid Park; Regarding Henry; The Safety of Objects; The Shipping News; A Summer by the River; The Sweet Hereafter; Tokyo Story; The Upside of Anger; Vera Drake
Impact of substance abuse on
: Aberdeen; Drinking ApartRain; Requiem for a Dream
Impact of suicide – see suicide
Reconciliation in estranged families: Cold Fever; The Keys to the House; Marvin's Room; The Savages; Secrets and Lies;
Sibling conflicts: Proof (2005); The Savages; The Sisters;
Step-parent/stepchild relations: See You in the Morning;
Supportive family relationships: nuclear family unit, parent-child: Billy Elliot; The Clockmaker; Housekeeping; Life As a House; Marvin's Room; Rain Man; Romulus, My Father; Shower; A Summer by the River; Vera Drake; YiYi; You Can Count On Me;
Supportive family relationships: other forms, e.g., siblings; extended family : The Daytrippers; Housekeeping; Junebug; The Savages; Set Me Free; The War Zone;

In substance abuse cases
: Drinking Apart;

Exemplary depictions in films
: Look Both Ways;

FUGUE STATES - see amnesia, dissociative disorders

GAMBLING (pathological): The Cooler; Croupier; The Gambler; Owning Mahowny; Rounders

Gay and general themes: Angels in America; Another Country; Beautiful Thing; Before Night Falls; Benjamin Smoke; Bent; Beyond Therapy; Brokeback Mountain; The Closet; The Eyes of Tammy Faye; The Fall of '55; Kissing Jessica Stein; The Laramie Project; Love and Death on Long Island; My Own Private Idaho; Mysterious Skin; Our Lady of the Assassins; Paragraph 175; Reflections in a Golden Eye; Sunday Bloody Sunday; Tarnation; Trembling Before G_d; Wilby Wonderful;
Lesbian themes: Boys on the Side; High Art; The Hours; Kissing Jessica Stein; Notes on a Scandal; 101 Reykjavik;
Bisexual themes: Beyond Therapy; Kinsey; Sunday Bloody Sunday; XXY;
Transgender themes: All About My Mother; The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros; Boys Don’t Cry; Breakfast on Pluto; Hedwig and the Angry Inch; Southern Comfort; Transamerica; XXY

GRIEF - see bereavement

Adolescent groups: Manic;
Couples groups: Producing Adults (parody);
Marathons: Art of Negative Thinking, The
Physically disabled: Art of Negative Thinking, The
Women's groups: Group;  

HEROIN & OPIATE ABUSE (see also - substance abuse): The Basketball Diaries; Bird; Candy; Clean; Drugstore Cowboy; High Art; Jesus' Son; Lenny; The Man With The Golden Arm; Pure; Quitting; Requiem for a Dream; Rush; Trainspotting;


HOMOSEXUALITY - see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues

Drama, documentary: An Angel at My Table (Part II); Angels of the Universe; The Best of Youth; David and Lisa; Frances; Girl, Interrupted; House of Fools; Manic; Nobody's Child; Now, Voyager; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Shock Corridor; The Snake Pit; Titicut Follies;
Humorous, fantasy: Captain Newman, M.D.; Cosi; Every Little Thing; Gothika; High Anxiety; King of Hearts;

"HUMAN NATURE" - existence : Blue Velvet; Humanité; Instinct; What the #$*! Do We Know!?; Woman in the Dunes;

HUMOR - see comedy


INFANCY - see childhood

INSOMNIA - see sleep disorders


INTERCULTURAL ISSUES - see transcultural issues

JEALOUSY - see relationships, marriage, partnerships

LEGAL ISSUES - see social and legal issues

LESBIAN ISSUES - see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues

LONELINESS: A Room Nearby;

LUCK: Look Both Ways;

MALINGERING: The Man With The Golden Arm; Shock Corridor

 – see mood disorders

MARIJUANA ABUSE & ISSUES  (see also - substance abuse): Assisted Living; The Big Lebowski; The Good Girl; Saving Grace;

MARRIAGE - see relationships, marriage, partnerships

Talk shows featuring mental health professionals:
The Couch Trip;

Adverse effects of antidepressants
: Off the Map;

General issues
: The Best of Youth;
State/local systems
: Out of the Shadow;
VA System
: Article 99;

MEN'S ISSUES & "GUYFLICKS" : All the Real Girls; The Big Lebowski; The Deer Hunter; Faces; Mondays in the Sun; In the Company of Men; Sideways; Spring Forward; The Thin Red Line; Trainspotting;

Anger, hostility (pathological): The Big Lebowski; Faces; I Stand Alone;
Conduct Disorder: Antwone Fisher; Good Will Hunting;
Driven, obsessive behavior pattern: The Caine Mutiny; The Pledge; The Vanishing;
Jealousy, "normal" and pathological
: Beau Travail; The End of the Affair;
Loneliness, longing :
Faces; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; In the Mood for Love; Marty; Solas; The Station Agent; Sunday; Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Post-Partum Psychosis:  Kira’s Reason – A Love Story 

MOOD DISORDERS (see also - adolescence, aging)
Depression: About a Boy; American Beauty; Back From Madness; Broken Flowers (dysthymia); Heavy; The Hours; Humanité; In America; Interiors; The Machinist (psychosis); No Place to Go; Off the Map (major depression & dysthymia); Romulus, My Father; Saviour Square; Set Me Free; Sylvia; A Taste of Cherry; Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself);  
Bipolar (mania, mixed and alternating states): Back From Madness; Cosi; David and Lisa; The Devil and Daniel Johnston; Don Juan de Marco; Grizzly Man; King of California; Learning to Swallow; Mr. Jones; Respiro; A Woman Under the Influence

MORAL BEHAVIOR - see ethical and moral behavior

MUSICIANS - see performance enhancement

NEUROBEHAVIORAL & NEUROPSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS (see also - disabilities [physical])
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:
Blindness, impact of: Proof;
Cerebral Palsy: Door to Door; The Keys to the House; Oasis; Rory O'Shea Was Here;
Chemical Sensitivity:
Deafness, associated issues and problems: Hear and Now; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter;
Epilepsy: see seizures below
Muscular dystrophy: Rory O'Shea Was Here;
Narcolepsy: My Own Private Idaho;
Neurorehabilitation: Braindamadj'd...Take II;
Personality change after brain injury or major physical disability: Braindamadj'd...Take II; Coming Home; Regarding Henry;
Seizures (behavioral, partial complex): The Keys to the House;
Stuttering & other speech disorders: Liam;

NICOTINE - see smoking


PARANOID STATES: The Aviator; Blue Velvet; The Caine Mutiny; The Conversation; I Shot Andy Warhol; The Machinist; Pi;

PARTNERSHIPS - see relationships, marriage, partnerships

PERFORMANCE & ENHANCEMENT (athletes, celebrities, entertainers, musicians)
Counseling ("coaching"): Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Developmental issues: No Direction Home - Bob Dylan;

PERSONAL GROWTHGroup; Metallica: Some Kind of Monster; What the #$*! Do We Know!?  

PERSONALITY DISORDERS (and portrayals of unusual personalities)
Antisocial Personality, sociopathic personality, criminal psychopaths : Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer; The Business of Strangers; Catch Me If You Can; Girl, Interrupted; I Stand Alone; In the Company of Men; Jonestown: Life and death of Peoples Temple; Legend of Rita; The Matador; Monster; The Night of the Hunter; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Panic; Ripley's Game; Sexy Beast; The Sopranos; Stevie; The Talented Mr. Ripley; Taxi Driver; The Thin Blue Line; The Vanishing; Un Heros Tres Discret;
Avoidant Personality: Cold Light; The Eel; Flesh and Bone; Marty; Marvin's Room; Punch-Drunk Love; The Station Agent; Whisky;
Borderline Personality: Bad Timing; Blue Sky; The Dreamlife of Angels; Grizzly Man; Head-On; Me Without You; My Best Fiend; One Deadly Summer; Plenty; Respiro; Romulus, My Father; Secretary; The Sisters; Sweetie; 28 Days; A Woman Under the Influence  
Depressive Personality: American Splendor; The Cooler; Heavy; Marty; Sideways; Sylvia
Explosive Personality: I Stand Alone; Punch-Drunk Love; Sexy Beast; Trainspotting;
Histrionic (Hysterical) Personality:The Eyes of Tammy Faye; A Woman Under the Influence  
Impulsive Personality: A Map of the World;
Inadequate Personality: Stevie; Stroszek;
Narcissistic Personality: Broken Flowers; Dance with a Stranger; The Eyes of Tammy Faye; Lenny; Pollock; Sideways; The Squid and the Whale; Tell Them Who You Are;
Obsessive Compulsive Personality: As Good As It Gets; Elling; The Luzhin Defence; Mors Elling; The Odd Couple;
Oral Aggressive Personality: Sugarbaby;
Paranoid Personality: The Assassination of Richard Nixon; The Conversation; I Shot Andy Warhol; Proof(1991); Proof (2005); Sweetie  
Passive-Dependent Personality: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days; Heavy; Look at MeMarty; The Shipping News;
Post-traumatic personality changes: Fearless; Regarding Henry; The Soldier's Tale;
Schizoid Personality: In the Realms of the Unreal; Monsieur Hire; Whisky;
Schizotypal Personality: Crumb;
"Shadow" or "dark" side of personality (Jung); the "evil twin" : Fight Club; How to Get Ahead in Advertising; With a Friend Like Harry;
Prosocial, strong, or successful personalities: Divided We Fall; Door to Door; Edi; The Eyes of Tammy Faye; Maria Full of Grace; Not One Less; Twentyfourseven;
Other and miscellaneous, including mixed, outsized, notorious or unusual personalities: American Movie; The Apostle; The Aviator; Buffalo 66; Cobb; The Eyes of Tammy Faye; I Stand Alone; Klute; The Last King of Scotland; Legend of Rita; Mr. Death; My Architect: A Son's Journey; The Self-Made Man; Taxi Driver; Tell Them Who You Are; The Widow of St. Pierre;

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERS ("PTSD") - see under anxiety disorders and personality disorders

: Good Will Hunting; The Son’s Room;
Family relationships
: Don Juan DeMarco; Garden State;
Personal & professional growth: Instinct;
Mental illness:
Personality disorder, sexual and other misconduct : Happiness; House of Games;  

PSYCHOANALYSIS (various themes): Empathy (boundary issues); Eyes Wide Shut (power of dreams and fantasy); Intimate Strangers (analytic relationship and process - satire); Lovesick (various analytic processes - satire); Neighbours: Freud and Hitler in Vienna (their contrasting uses of the unconscious; archival footage of Freud); The Snake Pit (psychogenic psychosis); Secrets of a Soul (very early depiction of analysis); Swimming Pool (boundary of reality and fantasy); Young Dr. Freud (biopic)

Cingulotomy for OCD
: Back From Madness;

PSYCHOTHERAPY (see also group therapy, ethics)
Good modelsClean and Sober; Empathy; Intimate Strangers; Nobody's Child; Now, Voyager; Prime; The Snake Pit; The Sopranos; The Three Faces of Eve      
Poor models: Agnes of God; Antwone Fisher; Equus; Instinct; Mr. Jones; Man Facing Southeast; The Prince of Tides; Spellbound (1945)
Humorous, farcical models, stories, ethical issues and violations: Analyze This; Beyond Therapy; The Couch Trip; Don Juan de Marco; Grosse Pointe Blank; How to Get Ahead in Advertising; Lovesick; The President’s Analyst; Prime; Walking and Talking; What About Bob?
Adolescent Therapists: David and Lisa; Girl, Interrupted; Good Will Hunting; I Never Promised You a Rose Garden; Manic; Ordinary People;
Child Therapists: The Sixth Sense;
Hazards, e.g., work with dangerous patients: Panic;
Setting limits in treatment: Stormy Weather;
Pastoral counseling: You Can Count On Me;
Early films: Secrets of a Soul;

Hysterical psychosis:
Nobody's Child;
Post-traumatic psychosis: Nobody's Child;

PUBLIC MENTAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS - see mental health care systems


Marital/love relationship conflict, infidelity: Breaking the Waves; Closer; Coming Home; Daybreak; The Daytrippers; The End of the Affair; Faces; Faithless; Far From Heaven; Five Times Two (5 X 2); The Good Girl; Grill Point; High Hopes; Intimate Strangers; Lantana; L'Avventura; Lost in Translation; Magnolia; Open Hearts; Producing Adults; Rain; Reconstruction; Reflections in a Golden Eye; The Safety of Objects; The Secret Lives of Dentists; Sex, Lies and Videotape; Snow Angels; The Story of Us; Sunday Bloody Sunday; We Don't Live Here Anymore; Woman in the Dunes;
Reconciliation in conflicted marriages: Closer; Daybreak; The Secret Lives of Dentists; The Story of Us; We Don't Live Here Anymore;
Achieving mature relationships: All the Real Girls; Before Sunrise/Before Sunset; The Blue Diner; The Eighth Day; High Fidelity; High Hopes; Lost in Translation; Singles; Walking and Talking; You Can Count On Me;
Divorce, loss of marriage or love relationships: Daybreak; The End of the Affair; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Five Times Two (5 X 2); I'm the Father; In the Mood for Love; Magnolia; The Soldier's Tale; The Squid and the Whale; The Upside of Anger;
Domestic violence: Take My Eyes;
Friendships and associations: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days; Anniversary Party; The Big Lebowski; Dream with the Fishes; The Dresser; Elling; In the Company of Men; L'Avventura; The Lovers on the Bridge; Mondays in the Sun; My Best Fiend; The Nanny; Now, Voyager; Of Mice and Men; The Odd Couple; Old Joy; A Rather English Marriage; Sideways; Spring Forward; Turtle Diary; Walking and Talking;
Friendships and association (adult-child): Central Station; Eternity and a Day;
"Mid-life crisis" - seeking new love in middle age; second marriages : American Beauty; Bread and Tulips; See You in the Morning; The Taste of Others;
Pathological relationships, other types: Notes on a Scandal;
Physical illness & disability, impact on: Art of Negative Thinking, The; Breaking the Waves; Magnolia; Open Hearts;
Supportive love relationships: Girl on the Bridge; Our Lady of the Assassins; The Widow of St. Pierre;
Threesomes (menage a trois) and other unconventional groupings:
Me You Them;


SCHIZOPHRENIA and allied psychoses: Angels of the Universe; A Beautiful Mind; Birdy; Canvas; The Caveman’s Valentine; Clean, Shaven; Crumb; Devrai-Sacred Grove; I Never Promised You a Rose Garden; Life of Me, The; Mifune; My Name is Walter Cross; Out of the Shadow; Shine; The Snake Pit; Spider; Tarnation; To Kill a Mockingbird; You're Gonna Miss Me;
Misdiagnosis as: Nobody's Child;

SEXUAL issues and problems
General: Kinsey;
Beastiality: Pink Flamingos;
Compulsive sexual behavior: Bad Timing; I Am a Sex Addict;
Crossdressing: Ma Vie en Rose
Fetishism: Reflections in a Golden Eye;
Incest: The Celebration; My Favorite Season; Pink Flamingos; The War Zone
Pedophilia: Capturing the Friedmans; L.I.E.; Mysterious Skin; Mystic River; The Woodsman;
Prostitution (female): Klute; Or (My Treasure);
Prostitution (male): Man's Job
Porn industry: Boogie Nights;  
Sado-masochism: Blue Velvet; Dance with a Stranger; Felicia's Journey; Kinsey; The Piano Teacher;
Sex Development Disorders (e.g., intersex): XXY
Sexual Abuse, rape: Breaking the Waves; Monster; Mystic River;
Stalking: Following;
Voyeurism: Dream with the Fishes; Exotica; Following; Mister Foe; Monsieur Hire; One Hour Photo; Pink Flamingos;

Insomnia: Insomnia; The Machinist; Wide Awake;

Smoke-free movies: Anniversary Party; Buddy
Smoking-oriented moviesCoffee and Cigarettes

SOCIAL & LEGAL ISSUES (see also ethical and moral behavior)
Abortion (see also illegal abortion below) : In Your Hands;
Adoption (e.g., adoptees seeking birth parents): Secrets and Lies;
Alternative lifestyles: Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa;
Child custody: I'm the Father (Vater);
Child neglect
: In Your Hands; Nobody Knows;
Corporate & business malfeasance; workplace stresses: Boiler Room; The Closet; The Corporation; Fight Club; Human Resources; The Insider;
: Catch Me If You Can; Insomnia; Panic; Shot in the Heart; The Vanishing;
Criminally insane persons
: Instinct;
Death penalty
: Dance with a Stranger; Mr. Death; Shot in the Heart; The Widow of St. Pierre;
Domestic surveillance: The Conversation; The Truman Show;
Environmental protection
: The Gleaners and I;
Euthanasia (mercy killing; assisted suicide): The Sea Inside;
Eugenics, forced sterilization for mentally ill/developmentally disabled: The Sterilization of Leilani Muir;
False conviction: After Innocence;
Freedom & risk vs. control & security: The Truman Show;
Gun control:
Bowling for Columbine;
: The Lovers on the Bridge;
Illegal abortion
: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days; Vera Drake; M for Mother;
Immigrant experience, hardships: In America; My Son the Fanatic; Stroszek;
Interracial relationships: Black and White; Far From Heaven;
False memory: Capturing the Friedmans
Mob psychology (authoritarianism): Das Experiment; The Fall of '55;
Poverty, life on the margins: Edi; The Gleaners and I; Liam; The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner; The Man Without a Past; Sweet Sixteen; Stroszek; Twentyfourseven;
Racial, ethnic issues: Bamboozled (Blacks); Barbershop (Blacks); Black and White (Blacks); The Business of Fancydancing (Native Americans); Do the Right Thing (Blacks); Liberty Heights (Antisemitism); Lone Star (Mexican-Americans & Blacks); Mr. Death (Antisemitism); Two Towns of Jasper (Blacks);
Refugee experiences: All Winter Without Fire;
Religious bigotry:
Suburban, middle-class life: see "SUBURBANS"
Terrorism: The Best of Youth; Fight Club; Legend of Rita;
Unemployment, consequences of: Liam; Mondays in the Sun; Time Out;
Violence, hate crimes, persecution of minority groups : American History X; Bent; I Stand Alone; The Laramie Project; Our Lady of the Assassins; 16 Years of Alcohol;
War: The Deer Hunter; The Soldier's Tale; The Widow of St. Pierre;

Conversion disorder
: The Blue Diner
: Gray's Anatomy; The Odd Couple;
Somatization disorder

Life after death; immortality
: After Life;

STERILIZATION - see social and legal issues

SUBSTANCE ABUSE (see also - alcohol, cocaine & other stimulants, heroin,
inhalants, marijuana, smoking, adolescence, aging):
Child neglect & death when parents are on drugs: In Your Hands;
Drug-based cults, communes: Jimmy & Judy
Drug trafficking & distribution, War on Drugs : Blow; Clockers; Maria Full of Grace; Traffic;
Effects on families: Clean; Drinking Apart;
Polysubstance problems: Georgia; Jesus' Son;

"SUBURBANS" (films about problems in suburban living): American Beauty; Capturing the Friedmans; Daybreak; The Daytrippers; Far From Heaven; Fearless; The Hours; The Ice Storm; Imaginary Heroes; Ordinary People; The Safety of Objects; Schizopolis; Thumbsucker; The Upside of Anger;

Adolescent: Elvira Madigan; Imaginary Heroes; Noi Albinoi; Ordinary People; Rollercoaster; The Virgin Suicides;
Adult: About a Boy; American Beauty; Angels of the Universe; The Bridge; The Closet; Coming Home; Dream with the Fishes; Faithless; Girl on the Bridge; The Hours; Learning to Swallow; No Place to Go; Our Lady of the Assassins; Peppermint Candy; Romulus, My Father; Set Me Free; Sylvia; Wilber (Wants to Kill Himself); Wilby Wonderful;
Cutting and other parasuicidal behaviors: Head-On; Secretary; Thirteen
Impact of suicide on survivors: The Bridge; Housekeeping; Imaginary Heroes; Love Liza; Maborosi; Monster's Ball; Romulus, My Father; See You in the Morning; What's Eating Gilbert Grape?;
Assisted suicide (euthanasia, mercy killing): The Sea Inside; A Taste of Cherry;
"Rational" suicide: The Self-Made Man;

SURVIVOR GUILT - see trauma and PTSD under anxiety disorders


TRANSCULTURAL ISSUES (mental health, substance abuse problems and other issues in nonwestern cultures, or in cultural minorities in the west):
Coming-of-Age: Whale Rider;
Mental Health/illness:Devrai-Sacred Grove;
Physical disabilities: M for Mother;
Women's issues: M for Mother; Real Women Have Curves;
Substance abuse: M for Mother; Quitting;

TRANSGENDER ISSUES - see gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues

TRAUMA - see also post traumatic stress disorders under anxiety disorders
Childhood – effects on adult development: Affliction; Downpour Resurfacing; Monster; Mystic River
Community – impact of loss that affects many people: The Sweet Hereafter
Survivor guilt - Fearless

VETERANS HEALTH CARE SYSTEM (VA) - see mental health care systems

VIOLENCE - see social issues

WOMEN'S ISSUES & RIGHTS; "CHICKFLICKS" : All About My Mother; Boys on the Side; The Business of Strangers; Divorce Iranian Style; The Hours; Mrs. Dalloway; Me Myself I; Personal Velocity; The 24 Hour Woman; Real Women Have Curves; The Vagina Monologues;